Community engagement is integral to our science. We frequently enjoy sharing our passion for entomology, botany, microbiology, pollination ecology, and natural history with the public.

We recognize that community engagement can be achieved via multiple means, such as via science art, classroom activities, outreach events, and public talks. We are eager to add and support new science communication techniques, activities, and venues.

Outreach at Missouri State University

2021    Entomology outreach at Ozark Middle School (2x)

Co-led by lab members Maggie Mayberry, Faith Dall, & Kate Trebing: 6th-8th grade students in two 80 minute entomology activities. 16 attendees.

2021    Beekeepers Association of the Ozarks

Gave bee and buzz pollination talk (with lab member Maggie Mayberry) to ~30 beekeepers.

2020    Springfield Conservation Nature Center

Gave two plant-pollinator-microbe talks (with lab member Parker Campbell) to 26 Nature Center volunteers.

2020    Entomology outreach at Ozark Middle School

Co-led (with lab member Maggie Mayberry) 6th-8th grade students in two 60 minute entomology activities. ~40 attendees.

2020    PBS and KQEDscience Deep Look

Panelist (1 of 3) and interview with Josh Cassidy and livestream; xx livestream attendees.
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKWjPcd2WHM

2020    Discovery Center Springfield, Springfield, MO.

Led 3rd-8th grade students in two 30 minute pollination activities; 21 students.

2020    Missouri State University Bee-Keeping Club, Springfield, MO.

Bee sociobiology and health talk. ~10 attendees.

2020    Nature Conservancy Western Ozark Water Coordinator, Sierra Club. Church of Unity, Springfield, MO.

Panelist (1 of 6) giving expertise on pollination ecology. ~100 attendees.

Outreach at the University of Pittsburgh

2019    BioBlitz at the Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh, PA.

Pollinator-microbe-interactions booth. Coordinator and volunteer. ~400 BioBlitz attendees; ~100 to our booth.

2018    Market Science at the Bloomfield Saturday Market, Pittsburgh, PA.

“Spooktacular Arthropods: Exo-skeleton Extravaganza”. Coordinator and volunteer. ~90 attendees.

2017, 2018    Biannual Carnegie Science Center SciTech Days Festival – Pollinator Booth, Pittsburgh, PA.

Coordinator and volunteer, 4x. ~200 attendees/event.

2018    Yough Intermediate/Middle School 12th Annual Science Fair – Pollinator Booth, PA

Coordinator and volunteer. ~75 attendees.

2017    Market Science at the Bloomfield Saturday Market, Pittsburgh, PA.

“Pollinators and Polli-nation”. Coordinator and volunteer. ~100 attendees.

2017    Bee Thinking Happ-bee Hour, Portland, OR.

“Getting buzzed: bee-havior and floral rewards”. Invited public talk. 26 attendees.

2017    Avonworth Community Park, PA.

Introducing the public to local pollinators and plant ecology. Coordinator and volunteer. ~25 attendees.

Outreach at the University of Arizona

2016    Arnold Arboretum Tree Mob – Pollinators Present, Harvard University.

Tour at the Leventritt Garden and concurrent discussion of local pollinators. Co-presenter. ~15 attendees.

2016     Rincon Heights Community Garden Outreach, Tucson

2016     Contributed to an exhibit at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry – “After Dark” event

2016     Presentation to the Tohono Chul Park docents, Tucson, AZ.

“Rewarding bee-havior”. Invited public talk. ~30 attendees.

2015-2016     Pollinator Booth, annual Tucson Hebrew Academy STEM Festival

Coordinator and volunteer, 2x. ~500 attendees/event.

2015     Contributed to an exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California – Bees: Tiny Insect, Big Impact

The exhibit features videos and audio of our work on buzz pollination (NSF-funded).

2012-2016     Brain Works tent, annual Tucson Festival of Books

Introducing neuroscience to the public. Volunteer. ~1500 attendees/event.

2011-2016     Pollinator Paradise; annual Arizona Insect Festival

Coordinator and volunteer, 5x. ~7000/event total attendees.

2014     Arachnophobia booth, Flandrau Science Center’s Spooktacular Science

Coordinator and volunteer. ~50 attendees.

2013     Insect Discovery Graduate Associate & Insect Fair Organizing Committee Member

Spoke in 50 Tucson classrooms, 1200+ students, k-8th grade. Contributed to 4 ‘science nights’ at Tucson schools to educate the public about entomology – each received several hundred visitors. Part of the organizing committee for the Insect Fair. Chaired an Insect Fair presentation room.

2012     Brain Zoo, Senita Valley Elementary School

Introducing neuroscience to the public. Volunteer.

Outreach at Cornell University

2007-2010     Insectapalooza, Cornell University

Annual showcase of entomology. 3000/event total attendees.

2010     Naturalist Outreach Speakers Bureau, Cornell University

Hands-on presentations on plant-insect interactions to elementary and middle school students. Spoke in 10 classrooms, to ~200 students.

Photo copyright to Dan Papaj