Letter of Recommendation

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Russell Lab manual

Best data practices

Yearly planning meeting

Mentor-mentee compact

Publishing power of attorney

Authorship agreement

Bumblebee safety manual

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

Cultural Competency Workshop (Animal Behavior Society 2019)

Original 90 minute workshop organized by Cameron Jones, Montrai Spikes, and Avery Russell for the 2019 meeting of the Animal Behavior Society. Talks by Zuleyma Tang-Martinez and Erica Westerman, who also served as panelists alongside Patricia Brennan, Rebecca Calisi, Aimee Dunlap, and Christopher Schell. [open access resources]

Outreach Training

PowerPoint for teaching how to perform outreach

Handout for communicating outreach

Handout for designing outreach activities


Updated table of bee taxa that sonicate flowers for pollen

Original table published in Cardinal, S., Buchmann, S.L., Russell, A.L. 2018. The evolution of floral sonication, a pollen foraging behavior used by bees (Anthophila). Evolution. doi: 10.1111/evo.13446

Updated table of pollen weight per flower for entomophilous species

Original table published in Russell, A.L. & Papaj, D.R. 2016. Artificial pollen dispensing flowers and feeders for bee behaviour experiments. Journal of Pollination Ecology.

Data Tools

Spreadsheet to calculate and plot visual stimuli in bee color space [coming soon]