Avery Leigh Russell – Principal Investigator


Avery is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Missouri State University. He is a behavioral and evolutionary ecologist interested in how flexibility in foraging behavior shapes the ecology and evolution of plant-animal-microbial interactions. His current work focuses on how plant-pollinator reciprocal exploitation shapes foraging behavior, floral traits, and microbial associates.

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Twitter handle: @DrAverbee
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Abilene Mosher – Undergraduate Researcher

Abilene Mosher

Abilene is an undergraduate working in wildlife biology with interests in ecology. She is excited to learn more about bee-havior!

Twitter handle: @AbbyMosher1
Instagram: @spookyabilene

Liam Wilson – Undergraduate Researcher


Liam is an undergraduate currently studying for his degree in environmental and evolutionary biology. His primary area of interest is behavioral patterns in animals, which he hopes will be furthered while working in Dr. Russell’s lab. Liam also really enjoys being outdoors, specifically northern regions, playing music in the MSU PRIDE band and has an almost obsessive love for penguins.

Twitter handle: @Simple_Liam
Instagram: law1wilson